November 5, 2018
This MSIB details the procedures for advance notice of transfer (ANOT) of oil and hazardous material transfer operations in the ports and waterways of the Lake Michigan Captain of the Port (COTP) Zone. Sector Lake Michigan MSIB 01-16 is hereby canceled on this subject.
In accordance with 33 Code of Federal Regulations, §156.118, the following facilities in COTP Lake Michigan’s zone are now required to provide at least four hours ANOT:
1) Operators of mobile facilities;
2) Any facility which does not engage in transfer operations for a period of 30 days, or more; and
3) Facilities operating on the Illinois River between MM 187.2 and MM 271 (Dresden Lock and Dam).
All other facilities transferring oil or hazardous materials in bulk are excluded from the ANOT requirement.
All ANOT notifications shall include the following information: (1) facility name; (2) transfer location; (3) cargo type; (4) quantity of cargo to be transferred; (5) date of transfer; (6) transfer start time; (7) duration of transfer;
(8) vessel name; and, (9) facility contact person with telephone number to address for any further questions. A template is attached to this MSIB for your convenience.
Notifications within the Sector Lake Michigan area of responsibility, which includes Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Chicago are to be e-mailed to Alternatively, ANOTs may be faxed to the Sector Lake Michigan Command Center at (414) 747-7883.
On a case-by-case basis, the COTP may require facilities in other remote locations, have a prior history of spills, conduct infrequent transfer operations, or conduct vessel-to-vessel transfers to submit an ANOT. Facility operators will be notified, in writing, if the COTP requires an ANOT from their respective facility.
Should owners or operators have questions regarding the applicability of the ANOT regulations, please do not hesitate to contact the U. S. Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan Prevention Department at 414-397-4428 or MSU Chicago at 630-986-2155.